A dynamic theatre production company started by Maev Mac Coille and Erica Miller featuring experienced writers, directors and producers. With a proven history in theatrical productions covering Drama, Comedy and Political themes and a track record of successful enterprises.


It was a successful event of 7 plays by 5 playwrights (our very own Maev, Johnny Blanchard, Catherine Harvey, Louise Monaghan and Anders Lustgarten) with 7 actors and 1 director. The audience enjoyed the variety of plays, we saw the first official start of our work as Merry Spinsters and the venue enjoyed good business.…

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The Monsterhouse

Performed at the Criterion New Writers showcase in November 2018. The Monsterhouse, concerns the time before the Standard Drop, when death by hanging was torturously slow and humiliating.  Walter, a scientist, seeks to end the pain and find a humane way to end lives.  But his experiment is of interest to more than himself, and…

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